Path To Pregnancy Series

Join fertility expert & author of Yes, You Can Get Pregnant, Aimee Raupp as she hosts a special Fertility Sessions series: Path To Pregnancy.

During each FREE webinar of this special series, Aimee will interview her own clients about their fertility challenges and their path to pregnancy.  

Join in & learn how women who were once in your shoes
-- worried about their fertility-- took back the power over their health & fertility.

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Women Who Overcame
Fertility Challenges

In Aimee's Path To Pregnancy series she is featuring women who had challenges getting pregnant.  

Together, Aimee & her guests will break down for you:

* What worked for them on their path to pregnancy 
* What nutritional & lifestyle changes they made to optimize fertility
* How they emotionally managed their fertility challenges
* How to keep hope alive while TTC

Arielle Haspel

Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyle Expert

Arielle worked with Aimee to regulate her menstrual cycle, manage her PCOS.  She got pregnant naturally after only a few cycles following Aimee's program.  
Find out more about Arielle.

Join Aimee & Arielle on
Thursday December 8
@ 8PM

Claudia Chan

Founder of SHE Summit

After suffering a miscarriage, Claudia followed Aimee's program and achieved two healthy & natural pregnancy's in her 40's. 
Find out more about Claudia.

Join Aimee & Claudia on 
Thursday December 1 
@ 12:30PM

Reshma Saujani

Founder of Girls Who Code

Reshma worked with Aimee while going through the challenges of fertility treatments.  After several miscarriages, Reshma got pregnant naturally, in her late 30's and carried a healthy baby boy to term.  
Find out more about Reshma.

Join Aimee & Reshma on 
Sunday December 4 
@ 8PM